2024 Application Guide for University of Oklahoma International Freshman Scholarships


Scholarship Awarding University: 

Type of degree: 

Scholarship Deadline: 
Applications for this scholarship will end on the 15th of December, 2023

Scholarship Summary: 
The University of Oklahoma offers scholarships to international students based on a completed application for admission to the university and qualified SAT or ACT exam scores. Students attending secondary school in a country other than the United States are eligible for the scholarships listed below.

You must apply for admission by December 15 to be considered for these scholarship opportunities. Applicants may retake the SAT and/or ACT exam and send updated, official exam results to the Office of International Admissions & Recruitment through April 30, 2024.

Scholarship Applicant Criteria:
To be eligible for consideration, applicants must;
i. Be International fee-paying students
ii. Must obtain one of the following qualifications; 24-25 ACT or 1160-1220 SAT

Value of Scholarship: 
The OU International Freshmen Scholarships are valued as follows;
i. Award of Excellence: $15,000/year (31 ACT or 1390 SAT) 
ii. Distinguished Scholar: $14,000/year (29-30 ACT or 1330-1380 SAT) 
iii. University Scholarship: $11,000/year (28 ACT or 1300-1320 SAT) 
iv. Academic Achievement: $10,000/year (26-27 ACT or 1230-1290 SAT)
v. Non-Resident Merit Award: $7,000/year (24-25 ACT or 1160-1220 SAT)

Scholarships also will be offered to test-optional students based on the holistic review of the application, with the highest weight given to academic rigor and high school performance.

Scholarship Application Guide: 
All international applicants are automatically considered for scholarships when they apply by December 15, including students who apply as test-optional.

Scholarship Website: 
Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at the University of Oklahoma Undergraduate Scholarship Page.