About Us

The Unipedia team comprises of two sisters, who after obtaining their Master's degrees at a considerable expense, were randomly informed of a host of scholarship opportunities available at a couple of universities.

Upon this epiphany, the sisters got to work and began researching on the validity of these claims and soon discovered that indeed, scholarships were available in several schools worldwide. 

With their limited IT skills and sparse free time, they then took on the responsibility of bringing this information to the forefront. They started out with the listing of colleges and universities worldwide before branching off into more detailed descriptions of each available scholarship. 

Presently, over 5700 universities and 2300 scholarships are available on the Unipedia and that's just scratching the surface. In the coming years, the team is hopeful that they can have about 80% of available worldwide scholarships listed on the site and at no cost so that anyone can access the information they need to get that much desired financial aid.