2024 Simpson College Freshman Automatic Merit Scholarships (US Based)


Scholarship Awarding University: 

Type of degree: 

Scholarship Deadline: 
Applications for this scholarship will end on the 1st of April, 2024.

Scholarship Summary: 
Simpson College will automatically consider all accepted freshmen (domestic and international) for automatic merit scholarships based on academic success. Candidates must possess extraordinary academic ability and potential as evidenced by high school performance, including standardized test scores. 

Scholarship Applicant Criteria:
To be eligible for consideration, applicants must;
i. Be admitted for undergraduate study at Simpson College

Value of Scholarship: 
The Simpson Merit Scholarships are valued as follows;
i. Founder's Scholarship: $35,000 annually (3.8+ GPA)
ii. Presidential Scholarship: $33,000 annually (3.50-3.79 GPA)
iii. Deans Scholarship: $31,000 annually (3.00-3.49 GPA)
iv. Endowed Scholarship: $29,000 annually (2.80-2.99 GPA)
v. Simpson Scholarship: $22,000 annually (Below 2.80 GPA)

The above scholarships are based on a 4.0 GPA

Scholarship Application Guide: 
To be considered for any Simpson award, you must apply and be accepted for admission.

Scholarship Website: 
Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at the Simpson College Undergraduate Scholarship Page.