2024 University of Toledo International Freshman Scholarships (US Based)

Scholarship Awarding University: 

Type of degree: 

Scholarship Deadline: 
Applications for this scholarship will end on the 1st of July, 2024

Scholarship Summary: 
The University of Toledo offers the International Rocket Award to qualified, new, international undergraduate students. Applicants will be considered for these awards by submitting a completed application for admission.

Scholarship Applicant Criteria: 
To be eligible for consideration, applicants must;
i. Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

Value of Scholarship: 
The University of Toledo International Rocket Award is valued as follows;
i. $7,500: 3.0-3.49 cumulative higher education GPA at the time of admission 
ii. You qualify for in-state tuition, with an additional fee of $100 a semester: 3.5 and higher cumulative higher education GPA at the time of admission

This scholarship is renewable and requires the student to maintain a 2.75 GPA and the successful completion of 27 credit hours each academic year (in the Fall and Spring semesters). Students are eligible for this award for 8 semesters or until completion of the bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

Scholarship Application Guide: 
No additional application for scholarship is required; simply complete an application for admission to Toledo. A completed admission application includes the application for admission, all official academic transcripts, the official letter from your sponsor’s bank verifying sufficient funding, and your international English language proficiency test scores, if taken.

Scholarship Website: 
Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at the University of Toledo International Freshman Scholarship Page.