2024 Application Guide for The King's University Admission Scholarships

Scholarship Awarding University: 

Type of degree: 

Scholarship Deadline: 
Applications for this scholarship will end on the 15th of June, 2024.

Scholarship Summary: 
New students (Canadian and international) to King's are automatically considered for non-repayable awards when they apply for admission to King's using their high school marks as the basis of admission.
Scholarship Applicant Criteria: 
To be eligible for admission scholarships, students must obtain the following minimum scores;
A. For Canadian students
Obtain a minimum admission average of 80%

B. For US students
Obtain a minimum SAT score of 1270 or ACT score of 28

C. For International (West Africa) students
Obtain a minimum of five B’s in WAEO, NECO or GCE

Minimum course load requirements of at least 12 credits per term must be met prior to award disbursement.

Value of Scholarship: 
The King’s Admission Scholarships are valued as follows;

1. Canadian High School Applicants

Award values are based upon final (grade 12) high school averages.
  • $2,000 Honours Scholarship: 80 - 89%.
  • $3,000 Excellence Scholarship: 90 - 100%.

2. U.S. Applicants

  • $1000 Honours Scholarship:
     ACT: overall score of 28 or higher.
     SAT (taken after March 2016): combined average of 1270 or higher.
  • $2000 Excellence Scholarship:
     ACT: overall score of 31 or higher.
     SAT (taken after March 2016): combined average of 1400 or higher.

3. Students with WAEC, NECO, and SSCE Exam Results

  • $1000 Honours Scholarship:
     Five courses with B grades
  • $2000 Excellence Scholarship:
     Five courses with A grades

4. Computing Science Degree Applicants

  • Award value of $2,400. Students entering King’s from high school must have an average of at least 75% in their high school math and science courses to qualify.

50% of the full award value in the fall term (typically September) and 50% in the winter term (typically January) and are applied to outstanding tuition and fees if applicable.

Scholarship Application Guide: 
There is no separate scholarship application; simply apply for admission to be automatically considered for an admission scholarship

Scholarship Website: 
Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at The King’s University Admission Scholarship Page.