2024 Loran Scholars Foundation Award (Canada Based)


Scholarship Awarding University: 

Type of degree: 

Scholarship Deadline: 
Applications for this scholarship will end on the 11th of October, 2023.

Scholarship Summary: 
In partnership with 25 partner Canadian Universities, the Loran Scholars Program is investing in the future of Canada by offering the country’s largest and most comprehensive four-year undergraduate award to young Canadians on the basis of academic merit, character, service and the promise of leadership. In selecting the next generation of leaders for Canada, integrity, courage, compassion, determination and a high level of personal autonomy are used as indicators for overall potential.

Scholarship Applicant Criteria:
To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must:
i. Be entering university for the first time in September 2024.
ii.  Present a minimum cumulative average of 85%.
iii.  Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.
iv.  Be born between January 1, 2002 and September 1, 2008.

Value of Scholarship: 
Each Loran Award is renewable for up to four years and includes:
  1. An annual stipend of $11,000
  2. A tuition waiver of up to $11,000 annually from one of 25 partner universities
  3. Personal mentorship from a Canadian leader
  4. Experiential learning through summer work experiences in three different sectors with funding up to $14,000
  5. An orientation expedition through Algonquin Park
  6. Annual retreats and scholar gatherings
  7. Lifelong membership in a community of values-driven individuals
In addition, finalist awards of CN$6,000 (54 awards available) and provincial awards of CN$2,000 (70 awards available) are awarded to promising candidates who are not selected as Loran Scholars.

Scholarship Application Guide: 
There are two ways to apply for the Loran Award, either through the Sponsored applications or the Direct Pool applications;
a. For Sponsored applications, applicants must be nominated by their schools.
b. For Direct applications, applicants apply directly to Loran.

To apply through Direct applications;
i. Complete the online scholarship application for the Loran Scholars Award.

ii. The Loran committees review the direct pool applications in their respective areas and invite shortlisted candidates (semi-finalists) to attend online interviews. These interviews are an opportunity for semi-finalists to connect with one another, meet the leaders who serve as our interviewers, and gain valuable interview experience.

iii. After semi-final interviews, the Loran committees invite outstanding semi-finalists to participate in national interviews. The Loran committees also grant provincial & territorial awards ($2,000 each) and honour citations to semi-finalists who distinguish themselves at the semi-final level.

Scholarship Website: 
Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at the Loran Scholars Foundation Page.