2024|25 Azusa Pacific University Freshman Merit Scholarship (US Based)


Scholarship Awarding University: 

Type of degree: 

Scholarship Deadline: 
Applications for this scholarship will end on the 1st of March, 2024.

Scholarship Summary: 
APU offers several academic scholarship opportunities, renewable for up to four years. All new admitted students (domestic and international) will receive some level of scholarship to support their education at Azusa Pacific.

Scholarship Applicant Criteria:
There are no set criteria for eligibility but past recipients were in the top 50% of the applicant pool.

Value of Scholarship: 
The APU Freshman Merit Scholarships are valued as follows;
i. President’s Scholarship - $23,000 per year
ii. Provost’s Scholarship - $20,000 per year
iii. Deans’ Scholarship - $19,000 per year
iv. Directors’ Scholarship - $16,000 per year
v. Mary Hill Scholarship - $12,000 per year

Scholarship Application Guide: 
There is no separate scholarship application; complete an admission application to be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarship Website: 
Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at the Azusa Pacific University Freshman Scholarship Page or the International Scholarship Page.